miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

VA - kent records king northern soul

01 try me for your new love
02 up & down the hill
03 that's how long (i'm gonna love you)
04 i'm slowly molding
05 she cried just a minute
06 why, why, why
07 all goodness ain't gone
08 you better know it
09 ball of fire
10 you got me diggin' you
11 why am i crying
12 saving my love for my baby
13 head over heels
14 what do you want with my love
15 bing bong goes my heart
16 the boy needs a girl
17 i enjoy being loved by you
18 baby you've got me
19 these tears
20 call his name
21 i won't have it
22 i have two loves
23 prove it
24 never find a love like mine.
La acabe de bajar y me parasio buena.

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